VAT Services

Don’t tell our tax team leader, but we think that VAT is perhaps the most complex of the taxes that we bump into on a regular basis. So our services take you from working out whether you need to register to helping you de-register once you no longer need to be in the VAT return system.

Registration can be voluntary or mandatory. If your turnover is above the registration threshold or you are involved in certain activities where there is no deminimus limit, you have no choice but to register. In other circumstances there may be benefit to voluntarily registering.

Our team will help you assess whether you need to be, or would benefit from, registering for VAT. We will help you to submit an online application and deal with any queries that arise.

Once registered we can assist you with the preparation of your VAT returns, which are generally submitted quarterly, but sometimes monthly or annually. We can guide you as to what has to be included and what you can claim for. If you are in any doubt as to how a transaction should be included, our staff will assist you.

There are schemes available to small businesses to make your lives easier, by only requiring you to pay VAT when you receive it and/or to pay a fixed rate on your turnover only (the “flat rate scheme”). We will look at these options for you to see if you qualify and if either or both would benefit your business.

In a number of organisations some of their turnover is VATable and some isn’t. In these circumstances you are ‘partially exempt’ and special rules apply. We will provide guidance on how to calculate your VAT in these circumstances and whether partial exemption applies to you.

Our VAT team are happy to receive information that you have prepared and need us to check before submission. They are equally content to receive a bag of records and create your return for you.

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