Selling Your Business

Of all the discussions we have with clients about their business affairs, this is always the one where it is most difficult to detach yourself from the emotion of the exercise. We will do so in a professional and objective way, of course, but we know that it will be impossible for you to do the same.

Except in the rarest of circumstances this is something you are going to do just once. You have possibly spent years leading up to this moment; it’s your baby and you are finally going to let go of it. Nobody will run it as well as you did. Yes, it’s an emotional and sensitive time. The right solution is therefore to start planning what you are going to do well in advance, so that when it comes to the crunch, you are implementing something that has been well considered over a period of time. Early planning is essential to maximise the value you get for the business. You are probably going to get one go at it and it may well be that the proceeds are going to provide a significant element of your income in retirement.

We will help you to prepare the business for sale. The process can start years ahead of the planned date of completion as you think about staffing structures, management information systems, customer profiles and all the other things that make your business attractive to a buyer.

There is a financial record to consider too. Potential buyers are going to look closely at the business’s performance over several years as well as the opportunities that might be available post completion.

When is the right time to sell? There is almost always a right time, but can you identify it? Our years of experience will help you. Who is going to buy it and will they pay the best price? Involve us in identifying the best route to disposal and the negotiations over the price and structure of the deal.

As you would expect, we will have tax-efficiency at the forefront of our thoughts throughout, helping you to keep as much as you can of the proceeds of your hard earned sale.

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