Arguably it is our payroll team that has the greatest contact with clients. Every week, fortnight or month they are in touch to determine your input information and process it for you.

We are well aware of the sensitive nature of this service and the importance of discretion in dealing with payroll matters. Although it may be a relatively small part of our overall service to clients, it is an area in which we know that our accuracy has to be timely and spot on.

We use modern software that is automatically updated for changes in tax allowances and national insurance rates. It is also Auto-enrolment compliant.

Once your payroll calculations have been performed for the payroll period, we will send you reports and payslips for distribution to staff. Most of our clients have moved on to circulation of e-payslips, although you can have paper copies if you prefer them.

Information is supplied to HMRC in accordance with their Real Time systems and all returns are filed electronically with the authorities. Where required we will provide payroll journals for posting into your accounting systems. Where we do the personal tax returns for someone, often a director, that is on a client payroll, his/her salary information is automatically available in the personal tax module.

Returns of benefits-in-kind via form P11D are produced from the same payroll software and are transferred automatically, where relevant, into the personal tax system.

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