Company Secretarial Services

Increasingly the demands of corporate governance are placing extra emphasis on timely and accurate delivery of the routines traditionally carried out by the Company Secretary.

Since the Companies Act 2006 came into force, companies have not needed to appoint a Secretary, although we still recommend it’s a good idea to have one if there is only one director as a company may become inoperable if anything happened to that director.

Even if there is no need for a Secretary or the one that is appointed is acting in name only, the demands for corporate compliance don’t become any less.

Filing of confirmation statements, notifying changes about directors, registered offices, shares etc. may sound daunting and time consuming to someone running their own business, but the team at Andorran will take all of these worries from your shoulders for a very modest fee. We even remind you when it needs to be done.

Every company is required to keep registers of its shareholders, directors etc. We will maintain these for you on our computerised Company Secretarial system, which is also used for electronic filing of forms at Companies House.

We will form the company for you in the first place and ensure that all of the registrations with the authorities are in place from the outset.

And if you get to the point of not wanting the company any more, we will assist you to bring it to a dignified end through the striking off procedures with which we are highly familiar.

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