Business Consultancy

Many small and medium sized businesses look to their accountants for a lot more than preparation of accounts and related tax compliance work. You don’t hear the term ‘value added’ as much these days, but this is where clients regard us as adding value to their business.

Consultancy can range from simply answering the questions that clients ask to providing support to them in making key decisions, particularly about the future and strategy of their business.

Our presence in this role obliges clients to take time out from the daily pressures of running their business to consider the more forward thinking scenarios of how that business is run and exactly where it is heading.

We bring expertise not only of having advised many businesses in these areas in the past but also of having run our own practice, where the same concerns exist about finding the right amount of time for business strategy planning.

The Andorran team knows all about business valuation too. Whether it is for tax planning, staff incentivisation, litigation or because you are wondering how much you might get for selling your business, Andorran will provide you with an objective view as to what your pride and joy, that has often been built up over a number of years, is actually worth today.

Next Step:

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