Audit & Examination

Companies and charities whose income is above certain limits are subject to statutory audit. Andorran is registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) to carry out audit work and is subject to periodic compliance reviews by our regulator.

We concentrate our attention on those sectors that we know well, that we have served for many years and where our clients appreciate the professional delivery that is core to our approach. Our Audit services are provided to the owner-managed businesses and charity sectors; we do not deal with quoted companies, leaving them to the much bigger firms of auditors.

Our audit approach is one of client involvement. We meet with them at the planning stage, obviously whilst we are conducting our work and again at the completion stage. Although our time is spent predominantly on enabling us to form and express our opinion on a set of accounts, we refer back to management any issues that we have identified and our recommendations for improvements in the way things are done.

It's not just those organisations who are obliged under the law to have an audit that sign up for one. Sometimes having your accounts audited can be of significant benefit to you if you are considering the sale of your business or raising external finance. We are happy to discuss the merits of such an instruction with you.

Directors of companies that do not meet the turnover level for requiring a statutory audit will often seek some form of assurance that their systems are robust and/or that their controls are functioning as they should do. In those circumstances we are happy to agree the scope of an assurance exercise with them without conducting an audit of the accounts.

Similarly trustees of charities whose income is below the threshold for statutory audit will generally opt for independent examination of their accounts and will instruct us to report to them accordingly.

In certain sectors, such as solicitors and insurance brokers, their regulators demand specialist work and reports. We are skilled and experienced in the delivery of such reports and are happy to discuss instructions with you.

We are licenced by the ICAEW to carry out ATOL reporting work and were amongst the early registrations when this activity became licenced in late 2016.

In addition to the annual audit exercise one-off reviews are often required, particularly in support of grant claims where there is a requirement in the terms of the grant for claims to be independently confirmed or audited. Again Andorran is well placed to deliver these services to you.

And let's not forget training; we do not maintain the levels of competency that we have within the audit team without a significant commitment, both on the part of the firm and of the individuals, to regular training in audit methods and legislation and where appropriate specialist activity.

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